Symbiotic or Associated memory recall..



This morning on the way to ‘Christmas Club,’ (ever since my then two year old daughter went to Breakfast Club and couldn’t pronounce it correctly, it has been called Christmas Club – She is five on the 28th!), Gaia and I were talking about general stuff, well actually very important 4 nearly 5 year old ‘stuff’. Such as her friend’s age.  On mentioning her name my memory stretched back to the Macmillan coffee morning and an incident where Gaia’s hair was pulled and I picked her up to calm her down.

As my memory had stopped going through the story, Gaia then mentioned us making cakes, and taking them to school, and me being there, and the boy pulling her hair, me picking her up.

When she had finished recalling this memory – note that  I said nothing whilst she was talking, nor did I say anything during my recall –  I said it was weird and that I had just been thinking about the exact same thing!


Could it be that my daughter, who by all accounts is the spitting image of me, is also running on my wave length?  Do our memories run off the same mother board? Or, was it the mention of the girls name that caused us both to stimulate the same set of neurons into racing toward the same file?


Mrs Romantic wants to say, its symbiotic, you and she can communicate telepathically!  As a twin, I was always asked if Claire and I could read each other’s mind; in sum.. NO, We could not.  Can I read Gaia’s mind and Vice Versa?  I suspect not, though Gaia might say yes because I always seem to know when she is up to mischief!


Mrs Scientifically Sensible says, No telepathic communication is of human capacity yet. Maybe some time in a few thousand years when we have evolved a greater brain power, but at the moment? We are far too selfish and stupid to be able to perform such a mammoth undertaking.


Life’s coincidence can allow us to want to believe in things that may or may not be available to us, belief in an entity who will judge us as we wander blindly through a life that no one would want to take on, or a belief in such things as faeries or angel’s.  We have these little lovelies to detract from day to day hell, and why not? Mind reading or telepathy is one of those little lovelies that we like to carry along with us. Alas, in as much as I would love to have a faery to carry in my pocket, my mind is far too conservative to agree…. Notwithstanding, Gaia has got a faery door in her room to let the little ones in, and Father Christmas does listen in to what is happening through my phone (amongst other little lovelies that I allow the house to have dragon’s eyes soon will sit upon my door). With that in mind… is it a child that carries the belief or is it an adult that secretly carries the belief and teaches the child to believe – if in secret?


What do you think? Please leave a comment letting me know x


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