The Pork had the last laugh…..

As a tradition, the  Sunday roast has to be up there…. and this week was no exception, myself Broc and Bella took our power stroll to Tesco and lucky for me the pork was on offer again!!! to feed 13 it cost UK$10. yup ten pounds sterling!!!  it was rubbed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chilli and garlic ground herbs and salt.  Cooked for half hour at 220, then for three hours at 180.

Beautiful, however, there wasn’t enough room in the fridge, so  I had to leave it out for a day longer than I would like.  last night I stole a piece, and then discovered an intimate relationship with my toilet in the early hours of the  morning, and horrendous stomach cramps still occurring now…..  I slept through having to collect my son from Sali Mali,  then left my car lights on thus draining the battery dead so now I have no way of getting the babies to their relative school place in the  morning.   It comes in three’s so say…. I can count more than three atm that are going down hill.. including the kids reticence to money and their unbridled belief that when Mummy say’s she has no money, that means loaded, so lets destroy anything nice she may have bought…….

four kids free to home…..


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