New Beginnings and good riddance to old negatives who stole and used….

“The only way is up! baby! for you and me now!!!”

Whilst I understand that as a crafter, it is well within our make up to re-create items and make them your own.  What isn’t quite good manners is taking a friends design and saying that it was your design.  This is what a crafter has done to me. Now I wouldn’t mind so much if they were doing them fantastically and was doing very well.  However, they are not, they are a mess and very not well made. Unfinished seams, ribbons are the type that you use on cakes or on hair bands and bows (they are the woman’s main craft).  That on it’s own was irritating enough for me to loosen the string that held our friendship together.  Then, I was rather taken advantage of and was assumed that I would have her two girls on Saturday night… and one on Friday!  Without asking….

The straw finally broke my back, we have parted company and I no longer call this person a  friend.


To this end. Please excuse me for being slightly guarded over my designs. It is a compliment for another to make my makes, however, rude to recreate to sell on. 


Thank you for reading and understanding xx




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