Ten things you shouldn’t say when pricing handmade items

Ten things you shouldn’t say when pricing handmade items.  Undercutting – I have had this argument so many times with other quilters who just give things away, when I was trying to put food on the table making the same items…. and their arguement’s were that it was their hobby… very very wrong…


Symbiotic or Associated memory recall..



This morning on the way to ‘Christmas Club,’ (ever since my then two year old daughter went to Breakfast Club and couldn’t pronounce it correctly, it has been called Christmas Club – She is five on the 28th!), Gaia and I were talking about general stuff, well actually very important 4 nearly 5 year old ‘stuff’. Such as her friend’s age.  On mentioning her name my memory stretched back to the Macmillan coffee morning and an incident where Gaia’s hair was pulled and I picked her up to calm her down.

As my memory had stopped going through the story, Gaia then mentioned us making cakes, and taking them to school, and me being there, and the boy pulling her hair, me picking her up.

When she had finished recalling this memory – note that  I said nothing whilst she was talking, nor did I say anything during my recall –  I said it was weird and that I had just been thinking about the exact same thing!


Could it be that my daughter, who by all accounts is the spitting image of me, is also running on my wave length?  Do our memories run off the same mother board? Or, was it the mention of the girls name that caused us both to stimulate the same set of neurons into racing toward the same file?


Mrs Romantic wants to say, its symbiotic, you and she can communicate telepathically!  As a twin, I was always asked if Claire and I could read each other’s mind; in sum.. NO, We could not.  Can I read Gaia’s mind and Vice Versa?  I suspect not, though Gaia might say yes because I always seem to know when she is up to mischief!


Mrs Scientifically Sensible says, No telepathic communication is of human capacity yet. Maybe some time in a few thousand years when we have evolved a greater brain power, but at the moment? We are far too selfish and stupid to be able to perform such a mammoth undertaking.


Life’s coincidence can allow us to want to believe in things that may or may not be available to us, belief in an entity who will judge us as we wander blindly through a life that no one would want to take on, or a belief in such things as faeries or angel’s.  We have these little lovelies to detract from day to day hell, and why not? Mind reading or telepathy is one of those little lovelies that we like to carry along with us. Alas, in as much as I would love to have a faery to carry in my pocket, my mind is far too conservative to agree…. Notwithstanding, Gaia has got a faery door in her room to let the little ones in, and Father Christmas does listen in to what is happening through my phone (amongst other little lovelies that I allow the house to have dragon’s eyes soon will sit upon my door). With that in mind… is it a child that carries the belief or is it an adult that secretly carries the belief and teaches the child to believe – if in secret?


What do you think? Please leave a comment letting me know x

Sabotage of the FaceBook kind :-(

Two accounts shut down because I have chosen not to go public with my name.  I use them for business, so use the business name.

According to FB this isn’t allowed and you have to have a name that is shown on your photographic ID…. SO when asked to produce my photographic ID… I politely refused….

They are not an official body whereby production of ID is essential to gain entry… so they can dance away…..


My page is still very much alive and up and running…. ah some things just can’t die….

night all xx

Peterborough off and away x

My first paid commission is off to its new home. My lovely friend Sharon has a quilted cotton football fabric surrounding a representation of the football club that her child wants.  She has already seen the cushion in picture, and is delighted!!!!  which makes me the designer and creator one happy lady.

Ikea fabric has been used on the back due to its durability and great colour scheme….  They go together so incredibly well that one could argue they were made for each other.  Someone in Sweden and the football club logo appear to have been working in a symbiotic area; However, notwithstanding this fabulous arrangement my beautiful customer paid me more than I’d asked for…. THAT is the compliment the designer gets on a rare basis and is the compliment that we need to survive!!!

Can I make a second like this one?  lets hope so as jason d rulo needs to be quilted and bound…. ;-0

The Pork had the last laugh…..

As a tradition, the  Sunday roast has to be up there…. and this week was no exception, myself Broc and Bella took our power stroll to Tesco and lucky for me the pork was on offer again!!! to feed 13 it cost UK$10. yup ten pounds sterling!!!  it was rubbed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chilli and garlic ground herbs and salt.  Cooked for half hour at 220, then for three hours at 180.

Beautiful, however, there wasn’t enough room in the fridge, so  I had to leave it out for a day longer than I would like.  last night I stole a piece, and then discovered an intimate relationship with my toilet in the early hours of the  morning, and horrendous stomach cramps still occurring now…..  I slept through having to collect my son from Sali Mali,  then left my car lights on thus draining the battery dead so now I have no way of getting the babies to their relative school place in the  morning.   It comes in three’s so say…. I can count more than three atm that are going down hill.. including the kids reticence to money and their unbridled belief that when Mummy say’s she has no money, that means loaded, so lets destroy anything nice she may have bought…….

four kids free to home…..

From under the fabric comes the PC!

This little study of mine doesn’t seem to be working for me as a creative space right now.

There is no spare room for my fabric to be laid out, I can’t possible put my cutting board on top of the work surface to cut. The pasting table that I have been using is taking up more space than is productive… what does a girl do? Especially with a little 3 year old tornado running about my feet wanting attention and cuddles at each moment – as is their job to want – leaving me little else time to do anything but scratch my head in wonderment at the ‘full time’ mummy’s that can manage not only to run a full time business, write books, design fabrics and create patterns, then create other items with those fabrics…. yet, I struggle on a daily basis just to get to grips with the house work… which is winning right now!


What do these goddess’s use? I would love to have another Au Pair, but could I cope with that, another person in the house, another person who is under my feet and charge… oh and another mouth to feed, when I can bearly feed what is hear right now? No an Au Pair is not the option for me right now. Though very very tempting… at £60 a week, very tempting…


What can I do? even to have a cleaner? I’d be going around prior to the cleaner coming cleaning… that negates that idea then, so do I live in utter chaos or what? should I clear out some of my craft/study room bits, should I stick to what I know best… sewing etc and remove the card making stuff into the get rid of pile… to go onto Facebook that is, because there is too much to post.  I could do with another room being created, such as a conservatory being rapidly attached to the back of the house, or a sun room… sun room is better because it would have a roof… that roof then being flat and being able to walk upon… therefore the kids can go out there in the summer… noooo I can go up there in the summer, whilst the kids are in the garden, and watch over them with my cold glass of wine, looking up the valley …. so… who is going to give me the x quantity of thousands to do it? No? so that isn’t going to happen for a while either….. hrmph…. So just why couldn’t the police get their act together and say that they could keep me safe in work? why? My life would be so much different now if they did…. I can tell you…. then, I might not be sewing either and my latest Cushion… the Manchester City Football Club cushion is proving a hit in Macclesfield, just not the price I suspect…. especially as I’ve not had any phone calls regarding it….